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I am thrilled to introduce myself as the next Superintendent of the Zane Trace Local School District. I would not be in this position without the help of my predecessor Jerry Mowery, the board of education, and countless others inside the building and within the local community. I can not begin to describe how humbling it is to have so many great people believe in me.

My connection to the Zane Trace Local district runs deep. I was not only a student here but spent my entire academic and professional journey from kindergarten to teacher within the walls of this 100 plus year-old building. I have so many memories from Zane Trace of laughter, camaraderie, and athletics. Many of the same individuals in these memories remain my closest friends to this day. When I was an elementary student many years ago, I remember seeing the Zane Trace slogan "The pride last a lifetime." All these years later and the slogan means more to me than ever. I am incredibly proud of the fact that so many of the people who have had an impact on my own life have chosen to remain here. I believe in Zane Trace, and I am proud that so many others do as well.

As we embark on this school year together, it is crucial to emphasize our district's unwavering commitment to school safety, innovative ideas, and collaboration with all district stakeholders. Ensuring a secure and nurturing environment is fundamental to the success of our students, and has been a focal point for the past several years. I can confidently say our district is safer now than it has ever been, but we are dedicated to improving with each school year. We also recognize the importance of embracing innovative approaches to education, preparing our students to excel in an ever-evolving world. We must encourage students to learn for the duration of their lives, and we must model that commitment to lifelong learning as educators ourselves.

Zane Trace Local School District is made up of a solid team of caring professionals, including exceptional teachers, reliable bus drivers, hardworking cafeteria staff, indispensable aides, and motivated custodians. Their collective commitment to excellence ensures that we continue to provide the best possible education for our students. I am confident in the staff of Zane Trace professionally, and even more confident in their collective capacity of altruism. Our employees care about our kids.

In collaboration with our staff and the entire Zane Trace community, I am excited to contribute to the ongoing growth and success of our students. Together, we will uphold the values that make Zane Trace a remarkable place to learn and work. Our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement will guide us as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of education and strive to provide the highest quality education to our students.

Together, we can make this our most effective school year yet. Please help us as we guide Zane Trace students to carve their own path!


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