Elementary School - Rewards

Zane Trace Local Schools
Kroger Rewards has positively impacted our school.  If you enroll (or re-enroll for the upcoming school year) our school will receive a percentage of what you spend at Krogers each week.   This is a way you can give to the school by simply shopping Krogers.  Please enroll today!

It is time to re-enroll for the new year of Kroger Community Rewards.  Everyone must re-enroll in the month of April in order to continue contributing to your organization from May 1, 2015, to April 30, 2016.  To re-enroll:

Go to Kroger website
• Click sign in
• Put in your email address and password that you used to enroll.
• Put in the group number or Zane Trace Elementary
• Choose the correct organization
• Click enroll

If it is the first time you are registering, you will need to set up an account first.

Go to Kroger website
• Click create account
• Put in email address and password
• Confirm password
• Enter plus card OR alt ID number
• Go to Community Rewards (near bottom)
• Follow through the steps
• Put in the group number or Zane Trace Elementary
• Choose correct organization
• Click enroll
• You are now enrolled.