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Cory Juillerat
P: 740-775-1355 x1120
Welcome to the Zane Trace Local School District Technology Department. My name is Cory Juillerat and I am the Technology Coordinator. My purpose is to provide staff and students with technology that meets 21st century learning, while also being a part of the Zane Trace team of educators, administrators, and parents. If you are in need of assistance, please call 740-775-1355 x1120 or use GoFMX to create a helpdesk ticket. Have a good day and go Pioneers!

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ISafe to facilitate the new online internet security protocol
I-SAFE's education component provides students with dynamic, interactive, up-to-date e-Safety curriculum in the classroom, online and in the community. These prevention-oriented lessons employ peer-to-peer communication and cooperative learning activities to help students retain this valuable information. The Outreach component facilitates the extension of students' newly acquired e-Safety knowledge beyond the classrooms and introduces the entire community about the need to be safe online.
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