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Jerry Mowery, Superintendent
Dear Honorable Representatives and Senator,

I am writing to openly express my dissatisfaction with the recent release of Governor Kasich's budget proposal for FY15-16. I believe I heard the Governor state "this education budget was designed to help school districts that could not help themselves". When examining the allocations across the state and attempting to make the connection between his words and the funding, I'm puzzled!

As Superintendent of Zane Trace Local Schools I am committed in supporting our kids. The State of Ohio, since the DeRolph case, has failed in its attempt to fund public education. According to the United States Supreme Court decision in 1997, the State of Ohio continues to let our children who decide to attend their community's public school down. We continue to hear that parents should have a choice! However, the choices they have when it comes to charter schools are predominately failing with no accountability.

Zane Trace Local Schools has lost over $2 million in funding over the past eight years, made over $3 million in budget reductions, lost every Advance Placement course made no advances in technology, and have been unsuccessful in passing any levies. Yet, our accountability has not waivered with achievement. Is it the consensus of Ohio to suffocate Ohio's public institutions into forcing choice? This is the sentiment of our community after reviewing the FY15-16 budget.

With the approval of this budget, Zane Trace Local Schools will have to make an additional $1 million in reductions just to balance the deficit spending. And this is not due to exaggerated spending practices. The state average for salary and benefits currently is apporximately 82%. Zane Trace is only 72% with no raises for employees for the past seven years. With the increase of health care costs, our employees are working for much less money than they did five years ago. Meanwhile, the state mandated educational initiatives have quadrupled!

Personally, I ask you to please step back and see what is happening to the core of public education in Ohio before it is too late. As an advocate for the profession, please consider the ill effects this budget will have, not only on public education, but for the next generation of our youth.