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Greetings from ZTES!
The staff and I wish to extend our warmest welcome to each and every Little Pioneer family. We at ZTES strive to do what is right for each of our students as we work towards making sure each child has the opportunity to develop skills to the best of his/her ability. Our goal is to produce well-rounded students at ZTES.

The Little Pioneers abide by the NED pledge daily. “N” stands for Never Give Up; “E” stands for Encourage Others; and “D” stands for Do Your Best. Those students who are seen carrying out the values of the NED pledge are rewarded with a “High Five” award from their teacher. At the end of the month, one student from each grade level who has received the award during the month is chosen to receive a High Five t-shirt. A letter is sent to the student’s parents and the child’s picture is posted on the main bulletin board by the school entryway.

ZTES offers a safe and pleasant environment for all of our students. Back to School Night, Grandparents Day, Math Night, Literacy Night, Dads for Donuts, Family Fun Night, and many more family oriented activities are scheduled throughout the year. Parents are highly encouraged to be involved with their child’s education!

If at any time you have questions, please feel free to call the elementary office at 740-775-1304 or email me at
Kroger Rewards has positively impacted our school.  If you enroll (or re-enroll for the upcoming school year) our school will receive a percentage of what you spend at Krogers each week.   This is a way you can give to the school by simply shopping Krogers.  Please enroll today!

It is time to re-enroll for the new year of Kroger Community Rewards.  Everyone must re-enroll in the month of April in order to continue contributing to your organization from May 1, 2015, to April 30, 2016.  To re-enroll:

Go to Kroger website
Click sign in
Put in your email address and password that you used to enroll.
Put in the group number or Zane Trace Elementary
Choose the correct organization
Click enroll

If it is the first time you are registering, you will need to set up an account first.

Go to Kroger website
Click create account
Put in email address and password
Confirm password
Enter plus card OR alt ID number
Go to Community Rewards (near bottom)
Follow through the steps
Put in the group number or Zane Trace Elementary
Choose correct organization
Click enroll
You are now enrolled.